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Sulfasalazine Liquid Suspension


Is anyone else taking Sulfasalazine Liquid Suspension for RA. I cannot take the Tablets, reflux unfortunately with all Pills! Been on it for 3 weeks then 2 weeks off due to unrelated cold, rejoined Sulfa this week, feeling quite rubbish today! S

Funny Head! Fuzzy and a bit Dizzy? Do have really active RA at moment in Knee diagnosed with Bakers Cyst Monday, better than the initial thought of a DVT! had Innohep injections over weekend, and have had steroid intra muscular two weeks ago...any ideas anyone, was feeling fairly well last week apart from Knee that looks like a Cauiliflower today so huge and lumpy...and very Hot! Thank you x

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I've just had a quick google and it does seem that sulfa is available in liquid form. The liquid versions tend to be more expensive than their tablet counterparts but if you need it, you need it IMO!


Oh I can relate to reflux it's driving me mad. I had it under control then started Sulfasalazine. I have now reduced to 2 tablets a day but now going to ask if I can stop them as they make me feel blah. My doc gave me Mucogel which I haven't had before and is helping with omepreazole. I havent heard of s suspension but hope you get on with it xxx hugs

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