hissing in my ears?

hi all. well all of a sudden I could hear a hissing sound in the room I got my son downstairs as I thought it was a gas leak even though I could not smell gas, but the hissing is so loud I thought it must be something, but under durress he came downstairs to tell me he could not hear anything, I was panicking thinking something is hissing in the house and how can he not hear it? I was nearly shouting to him to listen, how can you not hear it? he asked me if its only in the living room and I said no its all over the house the sound.

about 2 hours before this happened I went really dizzy, but only for a few seconds and I thought vertigo had come back, which I have not had for a good few years but it was the same feeling!

The hissing sound is so loud, I do not know how I am going to get to sleep.

my question is do any of you have this happen to you? I am seeing my rummey nurse tomorrow, do you think it is worth mentioning this to her? is it a symptom of RA?

I would really appricate some help with this.

Thank you for listening and I hope you have had a good day today

Carol xx

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  • my son could not hear this hissing, and now I have a horrid headache

  • Hearing sounds in your ears &/or head that are not caused by a sound in your environment is called tinnitus. And very annoying it can be too. I would be inclined to link it to the vertigo you had as balance & sound problems are in the same place. But yeah mention it tomorrow as some medications can cause it.

    To help you sleep try having some music or tv or radio sound on in the background to help distract your brain from the hissing. The more you pay attention to tinnitus the louder it sounds, (my tinnitus is raging away as I type this as I am thinking about it ... & no it is not RA related - I've had ear problems from birth). The best hint I had for dealing with tinnitus is to treat it like the 'club bore' / a person who talks on & on about boring things at great length. You cannot totally ignore them, but you pay as little attention as possible so that the sound of their voice fades away into the background.

    If the tinnitus persists, & it is not RA linked, see a GP. If they cannot help you ask for a referral to ENT, (Ear, Nose & Throat consultant).

    I hope the hissing dies down soon, RAinK

  • I have a hissing that is a form of tinnitus, which I am pretty sure I ended up with as a result of many years of regular NSAID use. It isn't as bad as some people seem to get tinnitus and rarely bothers me though.

    What would worry me more is that you then got dizzy and are now complaining of a bad headache. I think you definitely should mention it to your rheumatology nurse, and maybe even make an appointment with the GP just to get checked out properly. Maybe ask the nurse to check your blood pressure too.

  • Hi....Yes, I had tinnitus come on suddenly last year...went for loads of tests but no cause could be found...apart from the fact the ENT consultant seem to think it was stemming from TMJ problems but who knows!!! I think it's connected to sinus problems or maybe NSAIDS I've taken. Mine is a hissing too...sounds like when you like the air out of a rubber dingy if that makes sense?!!! Mine has never gone but you learn to live with it...never thought I'd say that a year ago...but I really hope yours doesn't stay around 😉

  • Hi... Yes I have had RD for 40 plus years and taken many different drugs over the time. I also have high blood pressure and tinnitus which is like a kettle boiling but I also wear hearing aids which whilst they are in my ears seems to mask the hissing. It is only when I take them out particularly at night before bed that the hissing becomes very prominent. I am not suggesting that you wear hearing aids if you don't need them but you can get a tinnitus masker that overrides the hissing if it gets really bad. The hissing is caused by the blood circulating through the damaged inner ear or so I believe. Hope you get the relief you require.

  • I have had hissing/ringing in my ears for years now. I'm used to now and sometimes it seems louder than normal or sometimes I don't notice at all, this is normally when there is other noises around which masks it. If it becomes really annoying I will but the radio on. I remember years ago they used to put something called a baffle in your ear which did the same thing, though I have no idea what they do now I'm afraid.

    I would mention it to your GP and Rhuemy they may be able to help.

    Good luck


  • Hi my tinnitus started at the same time as RD. I can't take painkillers & it was before I started hydroxy. Strange eh? I also drove everyone mad looking for a crackling noise that they couldn't hear. I don't get dizzy or suffer with headaches so you should get yourself checked out by a GP. If it is tinnitus I find distraction helps, music works for me. Take care

  • I have a constant hissing in my ears, it's tinnitus. Mine was caused by sulphasalazine but has many causes. It can be very intrusive but I try not to let it. I concentrate on other things, the television, other people. A hearing aid can sometimes help. Get checked just in case it's an ear infection especially with the dizziness you felt. Good luck but don't let it get you down please x

  • Tinnitus is probable but ask them to check for menieres disease. I was diagnosed with that in my 20s (now 60s). It then seemed to die down a bit until in my 40s when I started with horrid tinnitus and hearing loss.

  • hi all, thank you everyone for your replies, I have been to the rummey nurse and did mention the hissing noise, she said it does not sound like tinnitus as she said you get it in both ears, where I had it in only one ear. she did say in the end it could be a side effect of some of the drugs and then left it at that. when she asked how I am from last month I said think am having a flare up as in so much pain and so tired for the past 3 weeks as am coming down my steroids from 4g to 3g this month, but she gave me a steroid injection and said if you find this does not work keep to 4g for another month but is it works go down to 3g.

    am due to see my doctor on monday so will tell him about the hissing noise, but at the moment it has gone am pleased to say and hope it never comes back.

    am due to get my flu jab on monday.

    hope everyone have a good weekend..

    take care xx

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