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Can hydroxycloroquine affect RA labs?

Good morning all,

I'm new here and getting worked up

By rheumatologist in US. I know

I have fibro as that was diagnosed years

ago but my Mom had RA and I

Am having alot of the symptoms.

The rheumatologist did my

Labs and I have been taking

400mgs of hydroxy for several

years rxd by another doctor.could this

Affect my lab results? The nurse called

And said the labs were all good.

Now rheumatologist is doing

MRI of fingers on left hand.

Thanks for listening

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Depends which blood tests you mean. If you're referring to inflammatory markers, ie ESR or CRP, then yes hydroxy could alter things. It is a disease modifying drug, so if it is being effective then it will bring down your inflammatory markers. But if you're having an MRI done that should show up whether there's disease activity or damage.



My mom had RA but in the past my Labs have never been

Positive but my PC provider

Says that he believes I am

One the approximate 30

Percent of the people who have

The illness but are seronegative.


Those are different blood tests, for the rheumatoid factor and the anti-CCP antibodies. A lot of people are negative for these but still have RA. Normally the drugs don't affect these a lot, and if anything make them drop.


Hi Catherine,

I have put a link to our article on seronegativity/seropositivity and blood tests for you to look at:



Hope this helps you


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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