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Let it go

Just listened to radio four. Sounded a lot of sense . She has lost her sight and her hearing is on the way out, but she was so positive. Playing the piano with her fingers suffering from ( what it sounds like rynards) It made me feel so humble,I m lucky compared just started bios with a hopefull outcome.

There's always someone in a worse situation then me.

Love and gentle hugs


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Wow not the only one who listens to radio four ! Two of us now 😊 great station !

It does you good to look around and see other people who are worse off but cheery they get on with it I just find it sad to see the young people getting infusions when I get mine

Such a horrible cruel illness Not fair on them. Some are mums to young children

At least I'm In my late fifties 😊 so lucky there !


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