RA and Food sensitivity test

I've had RA now for 6 years and read many things saying certain foods affect the peoples RA and should be avoided. I today have had an insite into the foods my body cannot tolarate by having a kinesiology food sensitivity test and I was amazed at but not shocked at what foods my body cannot tolarate. So I go away with a plan to gradually start cutting out those items and see how I start to feel. I feel very positive that things could start to Change for me. Watch this space !

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  • Very interested in this I am sure we could be helped by diet change x good luck x

  • I would be a bit wary of this type of test. I remember reading that when tested blind - without the person testing knowing the person, the IGA tests did NOT confirm the food allergies identified by kinesthiology. That is - there were no antibodies to these foods that had been identified. The tests were either done by "Which" or "Sense about Science" as far as I remember.

    That isn't to say that looking at your diet and making it as healthy as possible is not a good idea - but to remind people that to cut out a lot of perhaps essential nutriments may be dangerous.

  • Please see the following link for Food Intolerance Testing:


  • I went on an exclusion diet, cut out absolutely everything apart from pears and lamb, even tap water, reintroduced foods gradually, but it didn't work. Good luck with yours.

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