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It has been suggested for some time that in addition to genetic factors, environmental factors such as certain foods can not only increase the risk of RA but also exacerbate it; such as red meats, deadly nightshade foods (tomatoes, strawberries etc) caffine and chocolate. I have to confess I have made very few changes to my diet as I have a healthy balance of foods anyway, but I have avoided red meats. I wanted to get other peoples views on this and see if anyone has actually found that certain foods do indeed exacerbate their RA?

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I Dont eat red meat.. the nightshade is a bit unproven?

tia steph has a good diet.. hopefully she will reply.. it means avoiding wheat and dairy too find the official version a bit hard to keep up.. there is evidence over the red meat link


Hi Mel, I too have heard that about the foods you mentioned and also know some people who say it affects them, but, they don't have RA they say they just have arthritis. Whatever that means!! I love eating foods such as strawberries, chocolate tomatoes etc but all in moderation. I have a good varied diet and am in normal weight range for my height.

I don't really have to much of a certain food or drink, in my opinion if your healthy in other ways why change your diet.

Take care

Mandy xx


I have modified my diet since diagnosis. I eat very very little red meat now, avoid citrus fruits, as I actually noticed oranges & lemons initially aggravated my inflammation. I don't eat mushrooms anyway so that not a problem. I always used to drink milk (bad grammer sos) but I actually don't drink milk now at all! I tend to eat a low fat diet, but do love my treats (chocolate) have started to eat shapers bars from Boots. I am drinking sauvignon blanc, instead of my old fav merlot, red wine does not agree with me any more. All of these changes have just happened I don't know why, but I am feeling better so.....

I have lost 17lbs since January, and with very little exercise so its all good.

xxx, Gina.


Hi Mel,

right where do I start, lol…Diet...mine is a super strict one, that I seem to be cheating on daily at the mo, tut tut! Also at a time I should be being stricter (not been too well lately). Hey ho...

So back to it. Your number one enemy for inflammation of any sort is…Sugar!

It's awful stuff.

My diet was devised by my cousin, who is in the health business.

I don't eat; sugar, dairy, wheat, red meat, caffeine, alcohol! Mmm what is actually left you say! Yes it's tough but it really does work!

I eat all organic, tons of green alkalising food.

However, there are a few exceptions;

I do eat mozzarella, manchego cheese & feta (not too often).

I do have one organic black filter coffee a day (my treat).

I do have the odd piece of polish rye toast.

I now eat tomatoes & potatoes as they don't bother me, gave them up for years. Potatoes are very alkaline, which is good.

I only eat apples & bananas, occasional strawberry (my summer fave) as other fruits can be really high in sugar.

I use Kara coconut milk or nut milk. Lately I am using soya but must be organic as a lot of soya is GM.

Gallons of Water, bottled at the mo, I am saving for a filter, which are really expensive but totally worth it.

This is a brief outline, Summer asked me to share with you, so I hope it helps.

I tend to try & be good 80% of the time. I'm not a saint, I'm a foodie :)

Oh & I do have the very occasional Mojito :) lol.

I must say I'm finding this weather today amazing for my bones…lovely!!


Hi Mel

Ditto what Steph says really. It is quite a strict diet, but you can change gradually and over time your taste buds actually change.

There is a website which advocates the alkaline diet and takes you step by step through the changes. I feel so much better when I stick to this (but like Steph I am human (No really) and have my off moments) But eating the "wrong" foods make me feel so yuk afterwards that I tend to stick with it. I found I was lactose intolerant some years ago, and when I gave up wheat I realised how bloated I had been feeling!

Good luck.

Julie xx


Thanks Julie, Steph reply has me very interested so thanks for the web site address I'm going to have a good read but I might go and have a pig out before I do!!! No really I've heard it mentioned about acid v alkaline foods so it should be an insight. Regards Mel


I've typed in the web address and loads of sites are coming up but non that I can see refer to what Steph and yourself are talking about. Would you be able to post the link for me please? Many thanks Mel


Hi Mel I just put this in and up comes someone called Ross something or other... he does go on a bit, but you can get started on this and its' all free, loads of downloads, giving you lists of the foods to eat and what to swap etc. If you have any more problems let me know but this should do it

Good luck

Julie xx


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