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University Of Lancaster clinical psychology research

NRAS has approved this request for research participants


My name is Laura Smith and I am a trainee clinical psychologist. I’m conducting some research as part of my doctorate in clinical psychology and was hoping you could help. I’m looking at the experiences of partners’ of somebody with chronic pain.

So why do the research? We know that partners play a hugely influential role in supporting somebody with chronic pain and that partners can influence how well somebody with chronic pain copes. It would be beneficial therefore to understand partners’ experiences of chronic pain so that professionals can better understand the impact of chronic pain upon partners.

I’m interested – what next?

•If you are a partner of somebody with chronic pain and you live together, you can contact me for more information. If you’re happy to take part then contact me on the details below and we can arrange to meet up for an interview. It will last approximately an hour although we can take as little or as much time as you like.

•If you are not a partner of somebody who experiences chronic pain but you think you know someone who would be interested in taking part, then please do pass this information on to them and they can contact me on the details provided.

You can follow me on twitter (@smith_smithl4)

Telephone/Text: 07508 375 651

Email: L.smith4@lancaster.ac.uk Postal address: Laura Smith, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Furness College,

Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YG

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My hubby has had RA for 12 years.I live in Barrhead which is near Glasgow but if there's a way of doing research by phone I would be happy to help

Ann Marie annmariedalziel@yahoo.co.uk


Do you have a deadline for this Laura? We are on holiday at the moment and all my husband says is 'I'll look at it when we get home' which is middle of next week.


Please email Laura at the email provided she did not post this information on HU, NRAS did on her behalf. So Laura will not see your messages here.


Laura's email is L.smith4@lancaster.ac.uk


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