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Anxious about appointment

Good afterno Starting to think about my appointment on Tuesday feeling apprehensive. It is my second assessment for biologics. I will either be put forward or if not successful start Arava.

I was given 4 drug leaflets to look at, to be honest not really looked to closely. Don't want to get my hopes up again. In June I was told would be able to go on a trial. My Nurse thinks now these are the way forward. On 3 dmards and had loads of streroids but still having problems. Anyway that did not happen as you can imagine I felt really down. Now just going to try for going onto a tnf. Passed first assessment. If I fail on Tuesday I will start Arava and hopefully stop one dmard don't want four. Problem is my B.p was high when last checked I am on meds for it. One Nurse said I would not be able to start Arava.

Just want desperately for something to work. Have been fairly well controlled for years until last Christmas.

Hope they don't ask me to make any decisions at the moment I have a lot on my mind. Everything seems to come at once. I am organising a fun dog show to raise funds for the hospital I work at. My main priority at the moment is our elderly dog who has just been diagnosed with fibrosis of her lungs.

Bit long winded I know any shared information if anyone has had similar dilema would be appreciated.

Thank you Moomie

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Just to say try not to worry too much. Deep breaths help me when I'm very anxious. Can you have someone to come with you, just to make notes and give you moral support? I think most people are anxious about these appointments, and I think doctors dont appreciate that they're something we anticipate for months sometimes and can really change our lives.

I'm going in for anti-tnf next week and I know that the hospital transport people will stop me feeling paranoid!

Hugs, Cathie


Thanks Cathy I will try. No one really can go with me but used to that.

Good luck with your treatment.


And good luck with your appointment. I always feel more confident when I have made a few notes about what I want to find out. And sometimes (not always) I take notes which helps to slow doctor down.


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I don't have any experience with what you are going through, but like Cathie said, please try to relax and if possible take someone with you who might have a clearer head to write things down to help you make a decision. And I'm so sorry to hear your pup is ailing. Gentle hugs to you both!


Thank you. Will write stuff down to take with me. I will have to go alone but don't mind. My G.p has sorted out analgesia now on tramadol slow release and I feel a lot more comfortable with this. Didn't realise how much pain I had until it has eased up some. My whole body is not as tense too.

Had good news at the Vets today her chest sounds a bit better so that is good. Getting through a lot of potted meat to get her tablets down bless her.

Thank you for your reply.


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