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Hi. I have undiagnosed wrist pain and pain in my entire right arm. My aunt had delbirating Rheumatoid arthritis and my sister, 52, just told me she suffers from it. I am 49. I am also currently a regular at the dermatologist for acute actinic keratosis. I suffer from back pain as well. My aunt, cousin. 42, on my mothers side just passed from cancer this past year three weeks apart.

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  • Go and see your dr and ask for a refferal to a rheumy just to be on the safe side espeially as there is family history of ra,xxxx

  • It must be worrying when you have all sorts of serious illnesses in your family, so I think very important that you get this checked out. But problems with one wrist and arm are a very unusual way for RA to start, and back problems are more likely to be osteoarthritis. RA is usually a symmetrical disease that starts in hands and feet - so pain in both feet or both hands is often the first sign.

    However, it's a very variable disease, so do book an appointment with your GP to discuss it. Both my two sisters have different sorts of auto-immune disease from me, and sadly there are loads of them!

  • Thank you

  • Welcome Joanwolf to the forum. As stated above, do as quickly as u can. Condolences to you and family.

    You will find a bunch of people who are not medically trained as such, but my recent experience is they are very friendly and helpful and will share their experiences with you from which you can glean a wealth of information from. You know what, they are totally genuine too. 😄

    That's been my experience and I trust even when u feel those yo-yo days like as I have, tune in because you will find you are not alone - you will have "friends" who cares and understands.

  • Welcome Joanwolf. I think maybe a visit to your GP is called for. What would alert me is close family connection of RD, it's a recognised fact that it can be genetic & as you have two that you know of it is certainly worth being tested. It may be nerve impingement or possibly carpal tunnel syndrome, though the latter would likely involve tingling or numb fingers. Both could be as a result of inflammation.

    It's recommended that we report any changes in order to be referred to Rheumatology & start treatment as the earlier the better in regards to causing least possible damage, particularly if you're unfortunate enough to have an erosive form of the disease.

    I'm sorry to hear of your recent losses, that must be difficult I know, we had similar a couple of years ago & it's a particularly difficult time being so close together. I hope your own other medical issues are well cared for also.

    If you have any other questions you'd like answering which you feel could be related please do ask away.... we're a wealth of knowledge & experience between us! :)

  • Thank you.

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