Local meetings talks

Heard there are local group meetings every so many months

With speakers sometimes

Does anyone go to these. Do you find them helpful. I guess supportive as you meet other people with RA etc fibromyalgia as well

Told there is one in Basingstoke

The hard thing is going there not knowing anyone. Not sure I could do that 😏 who knows Get high on pain killers LOL Joking !

( By the way, people with fibromyalgia , never knew what that was like , so could not understand it

Do now though , oh boy do I 😢😢😡😡

So sorry for you I send you all my love and big hugs The pain is bad enough but when that fatigue hits you big time , fatigue most of the time , just likes to give you the extra kick so often like a train and you feel it coming OMG so horrible knowing it's coming

I am so sorry people Loves to you all ) truly


PS. Now I got both. Is there anymore surprises coming guys or is this it Don't think I could take anymore 😏😥

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  • Hi Dobsey

    It sounds like you would really benefit from going to a group meeting and meeting others with RA/Fibro.

    The group that meets in Basingstoke are lovely, warm, friendly and welcoming. They get a good number and mix of people along to the meetings and you most certainly wouldn't be the only one going alone.

    Please do consider going, they are having a meeting on Wednesday evening where the guest speaker Dr Ravneet Bhandel from the Pain Clinic in Winchester, will speak about living with pain and the unpredictable nature of RA as well as coping mechanisms to help manage flares, so will be a fantastic one for you to go along to.

    All the details of this group can be found here: nras.org.uk/groups/north-ha...

    If i can be of any further help please do not hesitate to send us over an email to groups@nras.org.uk or call 01628 823 524

    Best wishes


    NRAS External Affairs Coordinator

  • Did you go? Sounds like it would have been very interesting! We should send representatives to feed back to HU :) x

  • No as it was short notice

    Will go to next one I think

    As this illness can get you down

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