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Newly Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

Hi there. I'm new to this site so I'm not sure if this has been asked. I'm newly diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Currently off sick. I'm a prison officer and am frightened when it comes to work. I may not be able to continue my job for any great length of time but am duly worried about what my employer will do, what rights I have and also what adjustments they should make.

Is there anyone who has experience of this.

Kindest regards

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Have a look at the NRAS site - lots of advice on there about your rights at work with arthritis.

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Hi Andy, as old timer suggests nras have lots of advice, they also sent me info to give direct to my employer.

I would imagine working I the prison service they should already have policies in place, if you contact your HR dept and ask them advice and ask them what their polices are? Also ask (if they haven't already suggested) if they plan to send you to occupational health, they should at some point. The occupational health therapist will discuss your disease and will advice your work how best to support you including making reasonable adjustments. A phased return should also be suggested to allow to ease back into work.

You're just newly diagnosed, hopefully 6 months down the line everything will be under control and things are back to normal.

I had similar worries returning to work post diagnosis but unfortunately my boss at that time made things difficult, I went down the legal route and it was soon sorted! I'm going through it again after meds lost effect and hope to start back to work next week after being off for 7 months, the occupational therapist is very helpful making sure my new boss understands the nature of disease and unpredictable it is.

Wishing you lots of luck :)


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