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Some kind of flare?

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember that in my last post i mentioned that my doctor had suggested that i write a complete list of my symptoms..this i am doing.

As well as the symptoms that i have daily i seem to expereince something every now and again like a flare of something..of what i do not know.

I thought i would ask if any members had expereinced any of these symtoms which hopefully will help my doctor in finding the right kind of testing for me and specialists as i am going round in circles and making no progress.

During the time of a flare.....i am in more pain than usual, worse on my shoulders, but dont have arthritus in my shoulders, i feel like a buzzing /vibration in my body which i notice more in my legs. i feel very hot from the inside, nauseous and a pressure around my anus which feels like my bowels are not working. The pressure is also felt in my stomach area which is a kind of tightness. During this time i feel more tired than usual but also very restless and unable to sleep. The worst of of the symtoms is a general feeling of being unwell.

Any thoughts please


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if it's any help - this vibration/buzzing seems to very common, but it is an "unexplained symptom". My husband gets this in his abdomen and in his legs. We thought it might be related to irritable bowel syndrome (from which he suffers). There is a lot about it written in health help forums - but no sensible answers as to what causes it. The doctor's just think he's nuts. But it is enough to keep him awake at night and he isn't a usually neurotic!


Iv noticed it mostly when i feel unwell..it causes me no pain or anything i just wondered if there was any connection to other conditions. I have crohns as well but dont have the buzzing in stomach area....

Thanks for your reply..maybe we will get answers


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