Blood Test

Hi Everyone

I received a call from my doctor today ! It appears because of the rotten disease it has affected my thyroid. That would account for the fact I have gained weight had really low mood and feeling cold all the time.

I knew something was wrong have felt rotten for a while now. So here we go with more medication. Doctor says it will be three to six months before I see a difference.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post yesterday. I really value the support I receive on this site.

Trish. X

2 Replies

  • So sorry to hear this, and doubly so that you were left in limbo. I do hope that the treatment kicks in asap. I think that I would be thinking of changing my gp, I think that your treatment has been shocking. You should have been told straight away, not trying desperately to get an appointment.

    Look after yourself. M xx

  • Very sorry to hear this. Another waiting game commences. At least you know what's going on now and here's to you feeling a whole load better once the medication kicks in.

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