Just thought I would post this picture - I wonder if she is suffering from 'brain fog' too, lol. (Taken at Chester Zoo two weeks ago). Sorry picture is so big I can't make it smaller.

Not been feeling too good since taking my third dose of Methotrexate on Thursday. Woke up on Friday morning with the worst Migraine I have ever had, and it is just beginning to lift at last. I went to see my GP this morning after speaking with my Chemist on Saturday who said not to take my Naratriptan migraine tablets without first speaking with my GP, The GP said it is ok to take them and thinks the migraine is so bad because of the new med. Said my blood pressure was high too so is keeping any eye on it. More bloods taken. He has signed me off work this week so I can rest up and get over the migraine. I am having my knee drained on Friday so it will give me time to pick up in readiness for that. Hope you have all been doing ok.

Best wishes.

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  • Oh I love Chester Zoo & what an apt pic Sue! It's true it can affect you more particuarly in the beginning, it stands to reason I suppose your body getting used to that sort of drug so let's hope you react less the longer you take it. I would think hypertension could cause a headache too so maybe a combination of the two made it so bad. Do remember that if your Rheumy is ok with it you can increase your folic acid, that made a difference for me, that & changing to injections. x

  • Yeah I thought that picture fitted so well. I will let the consultant know about the migraine when I see him on Friday and maybe he will suggest increasing the folic acid. Don't know when I will get to sleep tonight, have spent so much time in bed the last few days I don't feel tired now. Just so pleased I am starting to feel the headache lifting. I saw your post earlier and hope you get some relief soon too. x

  • Thanks, you too. x

  • Not been to Chester Zoo for about 40 years, mind you I now live in Scotland. My what a time you have had, rest up and be good to yourself. You must let the Rheumy know about the migraine. I have also had PMR and had terrible headaches, years of steroids. That clears up then RA. I hope all goes well for the future

  • Thanks Cagsie, yes I will let them know on Friday. I didn't sleep much last night but am starting to feel better now the migraine is lifting. Just made a cup of tea and am resting in bed browsing this site and having a laugh at some of the off topic posts,. Hope you are doing ok too.

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better today. And good luck for Friday.

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