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I have always turned to this sight for information and always have been so pleased with the help and advice, so here I am again looking for information.

We have recently returned from Spain after a very special holiday that was a mont long. I really felt the benefit from this and we are thinking it might be a good idea to spend longer periods in Spain as my health was so much better. I am worried about accessing health car and my prescriptions? Has anybody else tried this? I would love to hear from anyone who has done this. Thank you 😄

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I did live in Spain for a year but my GP supported this and I had my medication. I got private health insurance through helicopter santarios , I was living on Costa del sol. I have. Even researching for myself for a 6 month in Spain and 6 in UK and according to Spanish forum website your E111 card will allow you to access healthcare for up to two years but I am not sure how that would work with medication. I know I am a lot better in Spain so hope to do this and take 6 months medication with me and my GP has said he will support this as all my medications are on automatic repeat. Hope this helps and check out Spanish forum website as loads of useful information from people who live or have lived in Spain. Good luck


It sounds as though you had a good time! I think much will depend on where you intend to base yourself verena as each Communidad has their own rules, the islands & mainland can differ as well. Theoretically your EHIC card should give you access to treatment by a doctor but this doesn't happen in practice any longer from my experience, though it will give you access to emergency treatment in a state run hospital. I would recommend you take out private insurance anyway though as much has changed somewhat since I lived there, I understand even people who had taken out Residencia have been having difficulties accessing the healthcare system. There is the option of public health insurance, the link below details this.

Your meds shouldn't be a problem if you explain to your GP you'll be away for a while, I think up to 6 months of meds can be prescribed & dispensed to take with you, this may have changed since my h's parents used to go out to their home for the winter.

If you need any specific help or information I would be happy to answer any questions I can. This may give you some of the info you're needing


hi verena,

I have put some links below to the sections on the NHS website about moving and travelling abroad and healthcare. Glad to hear that you felt so much better after spending some time in Spain. One of the links is a video about using your EHIC card in Spain.

Hope you find this information useful


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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