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Coukd it be RA or something else

Hi all. I have this numb and stiff feeling every morning in both of mine hands. Two years ago I had steroid injection for carpal tunnel on one hand. But I knew it was CT as I couldn't hold a plate or open a door. But now it doesn't feel the same way. The pain is even in my pinkies. So I'm cofused and having health nxiety attacksdoesn't help. Please I would appreciate any respond. I will go see a GP on Monday and hoping he will not blew me off

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I think you need to discuss with your GP as your symptoms could be caused by a number of different things. The first symptoms I had of RA were in my hands. The symptoms were totally different to yours, swelling, redness, heat and they were very very painful to the extent that I couldn't use them. I can only describe my own symptoms and we all react differently to this disease. See what your Doctor says and if it is rheumatoid disease there are plenty of treatments that can control it so be patient and try not not to worry too much.



Hi, sorry you are feeling so bad. It's good that you are going to your GP, but I know what you mean when you say you are worried that you might not be heard properly. What helps me is to go with a cleAr list of what I want to discuss and make sure that I get through it. Having a pen and notebook, and ticking everything off as we went through really seemed to make my GP take notice at my last appointment. I actually asked him to look at the parts of the body I was concerned about (!) and felt for the first time he was taking note of the reality of my symptoms. It also made me feel more in control and therefore more business like. I am sure that affected the tone of the discussion, and I certainly had a more satisfying outcome.

So my advice is get it all down on paper. It helped me.

Hope all goes well for you.


Hey LovelyCzech,

As it was said you cannot be sure. It could be RA but there are many other disease what cause similar symptoms. Listen to your body, keep a diary of your symptoms and ask for a referral to a rheumatologist if it's possible. It can also help if you take pictures of your hands on a bad day, check if your joints are warmer or even your body temperature is raised (I was surprised when an ooh gp checked my temperature and it was a bit higher what I didn't realize, but sometimes I'm the same with pain; I notice it only when I start shaking) . I had the same symptoms, was first diagnosed with carpal tunnel then it took 10 years to get a definite diagnosis of RA.


Hi LovelyCzech,

I have put a link below to the section on our website that talks about the symptoms of RA. I hope this helps you:


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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