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Informative About Steroid Injections

Here is an article about steroid injections. It's short and sweet. directly to the point.

Enjoy this

Any thoughts? Some of us get steroid injections several times a year. I've

never gotten the after-care instructions as given on here. I wonder if that

is why they aren't working as effectively or lasting very long. Never once

have I also applied ice to the areas. I am glad that myths about the steroid

use for my knee injections were straight forward on here.

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As with many things different clinics have different ways of doing things.

As most of my steroid injections are into knees, and have to be a fairly high dose to get control, I have always been advised to ice and rest for at least 48 hours. If the knees have been very swollen the joint can feel weak and unstable afterwards. Farm


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