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Cimzia concerns

I have been on Cimzia five weeks and it is my first biologic. I was told it will probably take twelve weeks before I will know if it's going to work or not. I can handle the twelve week wait but I'm having some symptoms that are very concerning.

I'm just five weeks in but now I'm having horrible pain in my abdomen, my ears hurt all the time--feels like a lot of pressure, my muscles are weak, feels like onset of a bladder infection, my joints actually hurt worse and last week an ultrasound showed two nodules on my thyroid!! I will be having a CT Scan of my abdomen to see what's causing so much pain.

Very scared and worried! Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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I have no advice, But want to wish you all the best. I hope they Will find the reason why you're so in pain. I had my first infusion with Tocizilumab and have also weak muscles. Toci is also a biological, so maybe the that is one of the Side effects.


Do you have a helpline number for your rheumy team - possibly on your clinic letter or hospital website. I think a chat with them should be your next move. Farm


I was on cimzia for 6 months and one day boom it started working ! Hang in there. I was talking it Can work like that. good luck ! Jude


I'm on cimzia also and it works really well, thought it wasnt working, and then suddenly boom! (Previous post was spot on) it took a few months and the difference was massive! Went from being pretty much housebound to being able to carry my 3 year old; which i hadnt been able to do since she was a baby. I could cope with carrying shopping, walks to the park, back to work etc. I know not everyone has such a great result, for me apart from slightly sore injection site which is fine within a day, never really had any side effects, methotrexate though, for me was terrible. You sound like yr in a bad way honey, I feel for you, talk to your biologics nurse they are really helpful and are best to advise you. Hope you are over this soon. Persevere with it if you can, when it works its life changing. All the best, Zahida. xx


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