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hi everyone;

not on very often but read posts every few days, i have had RD for many years now but have got a new pain that ive never had before my hip and right into my groin its agony had about a week but getting worse in last two days, got docs tomorrow first appointment i could get, i would be grateful for some advice on this. hope you are all well xx

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  • Hi, I have osteo arthritis in my hip and that gives me an acute pain in the groin. Hope you get it sorted. JanR

  • Thanks Jan much appreciated xx

  • I had the same pain in my groin it went when I had my hips replaced. Hope you get it sorted. X

  • Thankyou very much at docs today to give it a month then go back. I don't know what good the month will do? But hope it settles down xx

  • That happened to me with my consultant when I complained of hip pain he said I would not have Arthritis in my hips. I left it a year and half and went to my GP who sent me for x rays and I ended up with two replacements. Good luck. You may have to ask for an x ray to see what's going on. Xx

  • getting xray in a month x hope it turns out hip ok x

  • That's good. Yes fingers crossed for you. X

  • That's more or less what happened to me. Like you, I couldn't see the point of waiting, the damage was done, time wasn't going to heal it! I went to gp the second time, and she referred me for an xray. Confirmed osteo arthritis, next step. physiotherapist. Surprisingly he has done some good, but his suggestion to get an exercise bike was the best. I'm building leg strength, and tho the pain is less, I have to be careful. It's a recumbent bike, I couldn't manage a sit up one. However, I know I am only putting off the inevitable. The time will come, sooner of later, when I need a replacement. It's very annoying, as I have had to give up line dancing, which I love. Hope you are getting more joy!

  • im hoping whatever it is physio helps

  • Pain in hip area can also be referred from the back with pinching the nerve. Is there any restriction in the rotation of the hip? Any pain going down the leg?

    have you any access to an osteopath or physio who can give you a likely diagnosis and plan of management?

    Saying see how it goes, usually means that: either the doc isn't sure what it is, or thinks it will go away by itself, or is in too much of a rush to think what it might be, but it's not life threatening so it can wait. Not much comfort for someone in pain!

  • thanks no pain in back or leg rotation not great but do have physio tried to get him but sods law on holiday, your right doc was busy so i just wait, xx

  • I had the same symptoms as you and the rheumatoid consultant sent me for an X ray and I had two fractures in pelvis. It sure was painful but after lots of rest I am fine now. I wish you good luck with your diagnosis.

  • thankyou very much xx

  • I've had a pain in the upper leg/groin area for months now and I must admit it hurts like hell. It's almost like the leg wants to pull out of joint when I lift it. It hurts worst when climbing into or out of the car and aches when sitting. I had a depo injection a week ago and it's almost stopped the pain which tells me it's down to inflammation. I'm hoping my latest increase in mtx will knock it on the head. I hope you can get yourself sorted, good luck with the doctor x

  • HI i had really bad pain in the groin and ended up with 2 hip replacements hope you get some answers

  • thanks beeckey x

  • thanks to everyone for there replys i will keep you all posted xxx

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