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I am flaring today . Tried to add photo but site refusing it lol maybe too graphic! but my fingers at the nail are " bruising" at the tips splitting and the nails just tear off. I have a plaster on my thumb as it split apart, anyone else get these problems. I suspect it's not RA but I have oiled till I fry. See docs tomorrow but wanting some advice/ moral support for today xx

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  • I have this complaint my fingers at the moment are swollen and all my finger tips are all sore and split. The doctor gave me some steroid cream. I also try to wear cotton gloves as this does help.

  • Oh thanks very very much. He did give me steroid cream which I got out of the habit of using cod of course it got better. I'll check if I can use it again ! Thanks that's probably the answer !

  • Could be eczema as this has been a problem I've suffered from all my life and I think you have it too? If it is then steroid cream would work well hopefully. As with psoriasis it used to affect my nails horribly and I would get dents and deformities of my nails all through my childhood and adult life so have never been able to grow them. The skin around them is shiny now but otherwise healthy - but each nail has what I think is called Terry's nails look so half the nail is pale opaque but the tips are all red. Very ugly to my mind and they split as soon as they grow. I have no solutions for you apart from lots of tlc and Aveeno moisturiser which i smother them on hands and nails daily. I did try nail oil but it did nothing for them at all and have resigned myself to never being able to grow them now. The dermatologist said he thought my terry's nails are due to circulation issues/ Raynauds but I think they could just as easily be part of my small fiber neuropathy/ RA.

    I think you use nail varnish sometimes? - personally found this makes them far worse although it's a relief not having to look at the strange discolouration I know! I think steroid cream sounds good. As you've said to me - when flaring everything that can go wrong tends to - certainly has been with me lately. When my rheumy examined my hands on Thursday he said nothing about the arthritis nodes (size of peas) that are growing at rate of knots on each of my top finger joints - all pink and sore just now. And I didn't mention this either as didn't want him being dismissive - but personally believe it is all part of this flare up whatever they say about wear and tear! Hugs, Mxx

  • Hi Allanah,

    Sorry to hear you are not well today.

    Take care look after yourself.


  • Hello Allanah

    Seem to remember you suffer from PSA ??


  • Thanks bob but not Psa in the end , my formal diagnosis is fibroblastic rheumatoid disease. there is a family link with psoriasis and I occasionally get eczema. But I've had lots of problems recently had drug induced lupus and vasculitis .

    But it's just so painful I wondered if anyone had had this type of problem x

  • I had problem nails Allanah & though it wasn't a cause or treatment but my Consultant advised keeping my nails covered to stop them becoming absorbent (med related) so I applied clear nail polish. Actually I could French Manicure then which helped greatly having more coverage on the tips, but I also painted under the free edge as well so all was sealed. Also to always wear gloves when washing up or gardening. I still had the problem of them splitting up on the nail bed about half way up which was really sore but as long as I kept them short it didn't hurt if I caught them. They stopped flaking over time & since then I've found Dr Lewinns which while it can be a faff to begin with really worked & I only do the treatment a couple of times a year now & more often than not have to file my nails they're in such good condition.

    Hope your flare subsides quickly. x

  • Thanks will try that too x

  • Hi Allanah, do you have psoriatic arthritis? my nails are ghastly at moment, similar to your description but damaged going up entire nail from cuticle. I think I am just about to lose nail off index finger on my right had, horrific. I saw dermatologist couple of months ago and she gave me steroid cream to rub on them, but it's not working at all. I don't know what else to do, seeing dermatologist again on 14th April. Rheumy reckons I have PSA and put me back on MTX, he says it will help my nails. Meanwhile I make sure I wear rubber gloves washing up etc. and try not to over wash my hands because of drying out. Lynda xxx

  • Hi Zl, it has been questioned but they came up eith another diagnosis . But seeing them today do will ask them to have a look x

  • Big hugs darling.xxxxx

  • Cream on, gloves on. Several times a day - works for me anyway! But I haven't needed to do this for some time - I look after my hands much better these days, using a beeswax cream recommended for gardeners as a barrier cream. i use it several times a day and it seems to be stopping that awful cracking that's so difficult to heal up.

  • Seems lots of folks get this then! It's just the creams don't seem to do snything but I don't often wear gloves diary ftom my arthritis gloves , so will increase that , thanks xx

  • Just don't do anything with your hands! That's easier said than done for sure. Get some air on 'em too. Perhaps whatever's causing this will make healing slower .... but hands seem to heal remarkably quickly given a chance. I hope yours do, this sounds really horrid.

  • Driving me mad, saw doc today , thinks it's the vasculitis and waiting on my blood tests being ok so I can start Rituximab ASAP xxx

  • I really hope you get the okay on Rituximab very soon and get a great result.

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