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Feeling more like myself

With the help of the reablement team twice a day, bathroom turned into a wet broom , stairlit fitted and steriod infusion at Southmead Hospital things are looking up. Thanks to all who kept my spirits up. I still have the carers in morning but thats ok. On Thursday going to see rhematiod nurse to discuss new meds as Sulfasalazine doesn't appear to be working well

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That sounds wonderful , and fingers crossed for Thursday. I bet you are glad all the heavy work is out of the way now xx


That all sounds great, except about the sulfasalazine of course. I'm sure it will make things so much easier for you & I hope your Rheumy nurse has a plan for which med to try & get you back to somewhere near controlled at least. Do let us know won't you. x :)


Been on sulfasalazine myself for 3 months but still had multiple flares. Humira now offered possibly alongside luflunamide. Just can't get that happy medium. Side effects of Sulf just awful. Good luck to you


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