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Blood pressure and allergies

Does your blood pressure go up when you have allergic attacks or eat any food that your body does not like. Mine does and it is frightening. No medication either as it makes it go up more. I now cannot have wheat, barley, rye, dairy foods, alcohol, herbs, spices, apples, carrots and so it goes on. If anyone gets these reactions can they help. GP's and consultants don't know what to do with me. The BP medication makes the BP go up as it is an allergic reaction and neurological. I have been warned not to have any.

I anyone suffers the same way as I do then at least it is reassurance and maybe some help for each of us.

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Are they beta blockers if so I don't know about blood pressure rise but I had them went into anaphylactic shock caused asthma and swelling just a thought don't know about food though


No I can't have any medication. Think I am worse on anything sugary.

Your episode just goes to show what can happen though. Keep in touch.


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