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RLS Parameters

Is there a database anywhere with an output table, showing + and - correlations for people that have RLS ? e.g. Low Iron, Low Magnesium(I assume low since taking Mg Citrate, 500 mg/day definitely reduces the intensity and frequency of my night time dancing.

We all write in with our own particulars, "Swamp Juice once an hour from 5:00 O'clock until bedtime, " "Tramadol 50 mg at bedtime, " "Yoga," "Acupuncture" etc

If there is no such database. Is there a University/Medical Center that is studying, has studied RLS?

We are an RLS forum, sharing our anecdotal insights. Is any of this dialogue actively being compiled. Who/Where? or Why Not?

That my Sunday morning 19¢ worth. Let's start the Nude Ear out right and do a better job of helping ourselves. Let's compile our Misery.

There's not being done by the Profit oriented Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries. Oops, I just exceeded 19¢, please forgive

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Errr? This isn't an RLS forum.....


Hi BBguess45,

This is a forum for people with rheumatoid arthritis primarily. We welcome people with other conditions as there is often a lot of cross over with the symptoms but we are not the best place for your question. I do believe there is a forum for RLS and perhaps your post would be better on there.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


NRAS!? I thought this was for RLS. I clicked a link in my Forum's tab in Gmail, where my RLS Forum messages have been sent.

Somethin's happened here. A Dyslexia Warp has occurred. The White Rabbit's led me down an Alphabetic Black Hole. Will I emerge on the other side of the Universe with the SNAFU Disability? Please No Where's Spock when you really need him.

Sorry must be all those RLS pills I've been taking. I'll go catch the bus back to the RLS Dancing Forum. Better be careful that I don't catch the St. Vitus bus and begin dancing to the wrong tune.

Well, this has been fun


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