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Happy New Year from Oz


I hope 2015 brings peace, joy and continued friendship with all you lovely people

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Best wishes for 2015 to you too. I'm sure we all wish we were with you in Oz. It's a hard frost here this morning. Very pretty, but it does nothing for the old joints! All the best to you. Angela x

Oh I know what you mean, keep warm. I am enjoying the heat while we have it.

Not long for you now! All the very best to you for 2015. :)

3 1/2 hours but I will be asleep long before that happens. hahahah I am still suffering a flare and costo from the mtx reaction and have spent most of this week laying in bed. Hopefully I will be recharged and ready for work next Monday. Good news I am out of the moon boot as of yesterday woo hoo.

Hope you have a warm and happy NYE.

Sorry to hear that SOM but pleased to hear you're rid of your hindrance at long last. Hope you can get to enjoy some of what's left of your hols. I'll see what's left of this year & the beginning of 2015 on my own, h not too good today & would think he'll be in bed by midnight!

That's not good hope he is feeling better soon. My other half is in New Zealand and I don't even have a cat to share it with, so yep dancing naked in the kitchen hahahah

Thank you & you go girl!!! :D


happy new year

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and to you too. Hope 2015 is good to you

Have a great 2015 xxx great pic, I might join you but I'm in company!M

Well that would make for a memorable NYE for your company! hahahahah

Love the pic, happy new year to you too! M x

You too hatshepsut

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