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Hi. Has anyone had problems with recurring episcleritis ? I've had 5 lots of steroid drops this year - all prescribed by Moorfields. As the last lot finished the redness swapped to the other side of my eye and became very painful. Moorfields again, and this time anti inflammatories prescribed then I had a racing heart so am currently waiting to see what they suggest next. All very wearing. I'm Already on the usual cocktail of methotrexate and Hydroxy plus Cimzia. Any suggestions of light at the end of the tunnel?

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Only thing I'd suggest is seeing an opthalmologist, or if you have already seen one, get a second opinion just to make sure that you are getting the best treatment. Also ask about what other treatments would deal with both your RA and your episcleritis and ask for the opthalmologist to work with your rheumatologist to get a treatment plan that will address both issues. Its not something to mess around with, as it can cause permanent damage, and even the steroid treatment can sometimes have adverse effects.


Thank you, Earthwitch. 5 hours at Moorfields today and I have yet another lot of steroid eye drops. I was given a strong version of ibuprofen yesterday but had palpitations overnight, so back to the old faithful Maxidex drops.

At least steroid drops are less problematic than oral steroids they tell me, and the eye pressure is okay so far.


I too suffer with episcleritis and have had steroid eye drops which do work. I tend to find that it flares up in my eye when everything flares up in my body.

I found it frustrating as i found that as soon as I'd tapered off the drops it would flare again!

It has kept away now for about a month and this is good because i now have high pressure in the eye and am now back under Moorfields this time for the glaucoma clinic and although for me it's mainly cosmetic as the pain tends to go after a day or so of the drops It IS really frustrating and annoying with all these people saying oh do you have conjunctivitis? As they back away!!!!

Is your RA under control?


Thanks sooo tired. I've had scans of my hands this morning confirming the disease is well enough under control not to warrant a change of meds. The pain suggests not, though. I'm Inclined to take an anti inflammatory to ease everything for now. Hope your eye stays calm! X


I've had Scleritis and Episcleritis. Funny thing is that I had both of these several years ago before my symptoms of RA showed up. When they ran all the tests for RA at the time, they all came back negative (but then they still are negative now). Thankfully, I haven't had a recurrence of either.


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