High haemoglobin

I'm not expecting a barrage of replies as I don't think this is related to my inflammatory arthrititis (PsA) or to the drugs I take, but of course it might be. Just heard from my GP (or rather the receptionist, so haven't got the actual level yet) that my haemoglobin is a bit high. For years it has been a bit low - anaemia of chronic disease, not iron-deficient anaemia. Since starting Humira it's crept up to normal which was nice! Now it's too high - can't win! I'd just like to ask whether anyone else has had this. I'm on Mtx too - just 7.5 mg a week these days.

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  • Funnily enough, mine has done exactly the same! I've been on Humira for two months and my HB has always been fine but I noticed that it has gradually crept up and is now high. Perhaps it is a Humira thing. I'm not taking MTX any more, unlike you. Clemmie

  • Hi there,

    I have the same after 42 years of RA and very low Hb and repeated iron infusions which only worked for a certain amount of time. I had the last one just over a year ago and my Hb has crept up to 14.8 which for me is unheard of, though no-one has said it's too high for a normal person. Before we would celebrate if I got to 11!

    I have been having Rituximab infusions (6 rounds) which work well for my RA.

    Interestingly I have been having severe gastrointestinal problems and when I am eating nothing my Hb goes even higher. Apparently this can be caused by dehydration too.

    Hope you are both feeling the benefit of the Humira.

  • Thank you tinlizzie. It's strange when Hb creeps up because pre-disease we've all heard of low Hb so high suggests 'great!' at first but apparently not. Googling (almost a disease in itself!) told me that dehydration could be a cause but I find that hard to believe in my case as I've recently been trying particularly hard to drink loads of water. I am certainly feeling the benefit of Humira - virtually a miracle so I do not want anything to jeopardise that.

    I hope you are doing very well too and that the gastrointestinal problems are sorted.

  • Hi thin Lizzy you are the first person I've come across who has also had a fair amount of ritux. I'm just about to have cycle 12. Do you get very tired after the infusions? I do.

    KiKi x

  • Thank you Barrister! Possibly due to Humira then. I'm barely taking Mtx - 3 seems like nothing!

  • Hi Kikideelili, Yes I do get tired, in fact I think the antihistamine they give me before the infusions makes me very sleepy and I often drop off when I'm on the drip by about lunchtime! Hope it's working for you too.x

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