PBC and RA

Hi Everyone,

I have had PBC for at least 8 years and I have just seen the Reumatologist for suspected RA. Next appointment at the end of November to go through the x-rays, ultrasound and blood tests. Has anyone got PBC and RA? What are you taking? The Reumatologist said that he needed to speak to the gastroenterologist to see what can I be given. I just wanted to know what other people were going through and what to expect. Thanks.

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  • Hi Caribatty, Im sorry I can not help more, and I hope your appointment gives you answers.

    I was wondering if you could tell me what PBC is?

  • PCB is Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Hobbits. It's an autoimmune problem which specifically affects the liver. Like RD there's no cure but there is treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid (Ursodiol or Urso) & it can be successfully controlled though suffers can have fatigue, much like we are prone to have. In cases where the liver doesn't respond to treatment & it continues to be damaged then a liver transplant is considered. Caribatty is probably asking the question as many of the meds used for RD are eliminated through the liver & why her Rheumy needs to consult with her Gastroenterologist, to see which meds best suit her with her pre existing PCB.

  • Thank you nomoreheels for the explanation, I"m learning something new on here everyday :)

  • I have PBC and RA for the past 15years. I take usurfolic acid tablets for the PBC. I take 3 250mg per day. I do akright on them and luckily am stable. Hope this helps

  • Thank you Ladyhm for your reply. I also take Urso Acid. Do you take any medication for the RA?

  • I have no answers for you Caribatty, sorry, but you have my empathy. I have a friend with PBC & he doesn't have a particularly good time with it. I hope you find someone on our site who has both & can be of help with their experience. Have you tried asking on the HU PBC site on the off chance?

  • Only prednisone caribatty can't tolerate anything else x

  • Thank you Nomoreheels and Ladyhm for your replies and many thanks for explaining about PBC. Like RD and RA, PBC sufferers have times when we are ok and times when even to lift the knife and fork is difficult when one is eating. So I really hope the RA doesn't get too bad as I am unsure what medication will be able to take without hurting my liver, hence the posted question.

    Ladyhm, I am taking 5mg prednisone a day as my body reacted badly with more during the summer and I was then given water retention tablets for a while as I was bloated and swollen. Could you please tell me what medication have you tried?

    I am not looking forward to the rheumatologist appointment

  • Good luck for next month's appointment. If you'd take a little advice, start writing down anything you wish/need to know, particularly in relation to your PBC & RD. Take a pen to make your own notes, if you're think it will help. I'm sure you know but anything like directions for meds written by a medical professional can only be deciphered by another med prof! I always take my h to my appointments as there's always something I miss. A pain diary can be useful too, if you can discern between the two, just bullet points, include when you're fatigued too.

    I hope you don't have RD as well but at least if the results prove it's the case your Rheumy will hopefully have all his med options by then to start treating you.

    Do let us know how you get on won't you?

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