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Tears today

I was quite prepared to face the day but my body had other ideas. My RA has flared up and while it's been diagnosed as 'mild' there is nothing mild about RA pain. My left wrist and thumb hurts, I can barely move my hand, but the real pain is in my feet, I can't even put my foot down without whincing. I have an inflamed nerve in my foot that has decided to really flare up, this nerve is then surrounded by two toe joints that have RA that have also decided to flare up. I had to call in work sick and I've taken so much time off ill that I'm worried I'm going to up for review and given the sack! So today I cried, and I mean sobbed like a baby. Usually I'm strong, I can take a lot, but today, I needed to shed some tears.

Sorry this email is not happy, or upbeat, but I just needed to share my vulnerability with a group of people that truly get it and understand that pain can cause tears. Much love to you all.x

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So sorry to hear this. Do things improve during the day?

I was also in tears this morning with an inflamed right hand which is so sore it feels as though it's been burned and an excruciating shoulder. You only realise how bits of your body are indispensable when they're painful I find.

I hope your day improves. I'm going to have to cancel nice plans and rest. Xx


sorry to hear your having such a bad time and yes the pain of RA does hurt very much,take care and lots of hugs ,xx


So sorry to hear you are having a bad day ~ sometimes a good cry is what you need :(

Hope you feel better soon xx


So sorry you are having a really bad day and hoping you are resting as you should. Sometimes a good cry is is just what you need to get the frustration of this horrible disease out of your system. Try not to worry about work. You are protected under the disabilities act from descrimination at work. Your employer must be seen to help you. Have a look on the NRAS website and you will find out about this. Please know that you are not alone, and have all our sympathies. Take care. Angela x


Big hugs to you x I'm in a very similar place to you right now and you have every right to have a good cry. Have you spoken to your rheumatology team about how you're feeling as maybe you could have a steroid jab to help you over this difficult period? Also maybe your treatment or pain meds could be reviewed.

Hope you feel better soon and can get back to work. Best wishes x


My friend who married an American & who has lived there some time now has a propensity for sending sloppier verse ridden cards (not me at all!) but this one I liked & meant more to me than countless others.

I think it's appropriate for you today Sabrina....

"Friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they're always there."

I hope this horrible time passes soon. x


Sorry you're feeling so low, sometimes a good cry is the only option. If only I could say you'll feel better tomorrow.....but you might!!!

Just have a good rest, try not to worry about work, easier said than done, I know, but stress only makes the RD worse. Have a little treat, orspoil yourself in some way.

I do hope things improve soon M x


we all know the feeling , it's just miserable , been having a good cry myself ! hope you feel better soon x


It's not just the pain I find makes me upset either, it's the pent-up frustration that you can't go about life how you want to. I hope the next few days find you beginning to improve and getting back to work xxx


This is the place to have a moan! Everyone here will know what you mean and most have been in the same state. Be comforted that WE know how you feel and you are not alone.


A good cry sometimes is what we need. You probably think that it doesn't change anything but is the way to get out our frustration with RA.

Try no to think about work, if u can do some meditation, something to relax you and the RA, everything that upset u it would upset more the pain.

We all here have had those days but believe me, you have this space to take all the frustration out and find that a simple message can change your mood.

Hope your day improve and have a look at some meditation exercise....

I started yoga a month ago and my life have change.

Wish you the best and you are not alone.....


Sorry you are having a bad time... I was a state manager doing a lot of rosters and if your boss is anything like me then he will know the genuine people from the ones just taking a day off to do other things. These days in Australia they cant sack you for having a chronic illness if you are only taking normal amounts of sick leave (10 days for us), and even if you do take more, so long as you have a doctors certificate you should be ok. In most places they have to offer you other positions that incur lighter duties if you have a medical reason to be changed but speak to your doctor and ask him if and how he can help. Im not sure about over there in UK so have a look on the NRAS site, they may have some advice.

Like the others said, a good cry is something we all go through and often will do you good. My advice is dont bottle it up, speak to your doc and come on here, there are many lovely people on here that are only too willing to give you a hand pushing through this.

Good luck with it..


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