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Have you been involved in clinical research? Share your story!

- Have you recently been involved in clinical research or care for someone who has?

- Did you get something positive out of the experience?

- Would you be willing to share you story?

The NIHR (National Institute of Health Research) Clinical Research Network are running a regional press campaign entitled "Patient Stories" until February 2015. The campaign will focus on highlighting positive patient stories and The Clinical Research Network is looking for volunteers to be a part of its campaign.

If you are a patient, carer or healthy volunteer that has been involved in clinical research and would like to share your positive experience then The Network would like to hear from you!

Firstly, visit and fill in the sign-up form. Once you have signed up either Emma or Leicia from the Clinical Research Network communications team will call you for a quick chat about your story to find out any further details required. They will also take you through what will happen next as well as answer any questions/queries you may have at any time.

Note: Please be assured that any details you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence and your details will only be shared if/when they have your consent to do so.

No matter how they use your story, they will make sure you are fully prepared. Emma and Leicia will make sure you’re fully briefed and more importantly comfortable with what you will be doing and any questions you may be asked. If your story is picked up by local media a communications professional from the Clinical Research Network will provide some basic one-to-one media training over the phone.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up over the phone, simply give them a call on:

Emma Wragg Tel: 0113 343 5040 Email:

Leicia Feare Tel: 0113 343 0321 Email:

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