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British Science Festival - 11th September in Birmingham


British Science Festival - Can you prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Thursday 11th September 2014, 10.00am-11.00am

WG5, Aston Webb B Block, University of Birmingham

Prof Chris Buckley and Prof Karim Raza will present their finding on what causes rheumatoid arthritis (RA), predictive testing and preventative treatment. Two local patient research partners will discuss what it’s like to live with the disease and the risk of developing RA in the future.

To book your free place, visit britishscienceassociation.o.... For further information, email

Please note this is not an NRAS event.

Best wishes


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Brilliant information. Wish I'd known earlier so I could have planned to be there. Sounds utterly fascinating and the academic science geek in me would have much preferred this to the plans I've already made lol :)

Will a summary report or anything from the event be available online afterwards do you think?

Kim-NRASNRAS in reply to ShellyWelly

Hi ShellyWelly

Yes, I was meant to apologise for the late information however we were only informed ourselves yesterday. If you email the address given above they should be able to let you know if anything will be available after the event. Sorry this has come to you too late!

Best wishes


ShellyWelly in reply to Kim-NRAS

Brilliant, thanks Kim! :)

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