placenta previa

Went for my 18wks scan and baby is doing well.was however told had complete placenta previa and was advised to keep off any strenuous activity until i go back for a second scan at 28wks. was also told in some cases it gets back to normal and if not might have to deliver through CS and probably early qwhich is scary.Anyone with similar experience and any advice on how to cope.

Lots of love

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  • No experience, but do hope everything works out. M x

  • I have not had the same but I have had 4 pregnancies of which 3 were normal. The fourth was totally different as I had a placenta abruption at just over 32 weeks and had to have an emergency section but after 2 week in SCBU (plus a return visit as we had Chinese and he did not like my milk afterwards and he got dehydrated) he is fine.

    At least they have noticed early and you will be monitored. Depending on how early they deliver there is a possibility that you will not need SCBU. It probably will be hard having a section, RD and a baby in SCBU so start early with the mind set that you have to accept any help offered and start to think what you could ask different people to help with.

    Take care and good luck.


  • I had this and when I went back for my 32 week scan it was fine and I delivered him normally. Clemmie

  • Yes, I had this too. It righted itself and I had a normal delivery. Don't worry until, and if, you need to.

  • Thanks all its encouraging to know it corrects itself over time.So glad though been on remission and baby is wonderful enjoying the kicks : ) : )

    Lots of love

  • The grades for Placent Praevia are 1) low lying. 2) to the edge of the cervical os. 3) half way over the os and 4) completely covering the os. Mine was grade 4. The nutrients for the placenta are better at the top of the uterus so normally the placenta will gradually make its way back up towards the top. However because I'd had a previously ruptured uterus across the top, mine didnt and it went further across the os like a dish. I was hospitalised at 22 weeks with a bleed and stayed for the rest of the pregnancy as I continued bleeding right throughout. I just had transfusions and bed rest until 35 weeks when an aminioscentesis showed my daughters lungs were mature enough to be delivered by caesarian. In my day (1983) you didnt have a choice about having a caesarian if you had grade 3 or 4. but Im not sure what the take is on it these days. My daughter had apneas from being premmie but once she was on a monitor for it she ended up fine. I made a friend while I was in hospital who had a grade 3 but she haemorrhaged and delivered at 30 weeks. Her daughter had some premmie probs for about 1 yr but turned out ok too. :)

    So best of luck, I hope the next scan shows its climbing its way to the top.

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