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Pain in buttocks

Hello everyone, I have been experiencing pain in my back and buttocks for the last 2 weeks. When I sit down my buttocks are very painful and when I walk it is very uncomfortable, I also have pain in my groin. I have had sciatica previously, but this feels different. I also have fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis in hands and feet, diabetes, asthma, sarcoidosis both lungs, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD.

I take a lot of medications, but can't tolerate strong pain meds. I am waiting to go to pain clinic for swollen painful hands and physio. I am on Sulfasalazine, paracetamol, Pregabalin and steroids for pain plus a load of others.

Any suggestions greatly received.


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Oh dear Jan, what a lot to cope with, you must rattle. If your appointment at the Pain Clinic is imminent I'd question if it could be Trochanteric Bursitis/GTPS (Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome). I've been having pain in the middle of my buttock, lower back, hips & outer thigh for some time & my Rheumy's confirmed that's what my problem is. She's put me back on etoricoxib & continued my steroids. Obviously the first isn't an option for you & second you're already on but it can be treated with steroid injections I believe if it is that-

Hope they can help at the Pain Clinic.


Sorry for your pain,

The pain Clinic will discuss your needs with you at the beginning of the first session. You say you have had sciatica in the past, this is caused by a trapped nerve. Possibly they may check the spine in the lumber region as it could be problems of the discs in the spine also they may also check the hips.

I am not a Doctor so anything I think regarding this is my own ideas, the GP and hospital will give tests etc to find out what is wrong.

Also I do not know your age or any other conditions you may suffer, more qualified people know all this information and will be able to give a prognosis.

Good Luck



Sounds like you have possible referred pain from the hip joints. I wonder if acupuncture would help?

I have had lower back pain and sciatica. The former was helped enormously by hot stones and massage, the latter after several months of regular special exercises. I do hope you find something that works for you soon as I do know how debilitating and tiring constant pain is. All the very


Thank you megglen, I am waiting to be referred to physio, so hoping to get acupuncture, ad I have had a good result with this for headaches in the past.



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