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Oh my, brain fog

Major brain fog has been affecting me 1/2 the winter and now all Spring, and yesterday-I totally forgot how to type. Everything was coming out as gibberish on the screen. I'm a bit better today, at least I am correcting my typing as I go.

Sometimes it even affects my speech. I've tried eating better, getting more sleep, and exercising more, but it won't go away. I guess I can wait till July when I see my new Rheumatologist. My other one just retired so I'll have to train this one all about me.

Otherwise, allergies are really affecting me this Spring and I've developed 2 new nodules. One off the little toe on my left foot, and the other to my pointer finger on my right hand. At least the finger one doesn't hurt. It doesn't press on the next finger-probably because it's the most crooked finger I have. I can totally point it around corners without even trying. I think it is so funny when I point at something & people turn to where my finger tip is pointing-not what I was trying to point at. The look on their faces is so great.

My RA is behaving good though, so I really can't complain. We are supposed to have severe weather this afternoon/night with possible tornadoes so hope it doesn't affect me too much.

I may just go sleep at my Dad & SMom's tonight-they are out of the country (Ecuador), as they have a downstairs and I don't. I'm already watering their plants & such while they are gone.


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Hi, Tinwoman2,

Forgive me If you have already been down this route, but I read daily on here (HealthUnlocked,) about people having 'Brain Fog' along with tiredness, (when I say brain fog, I mean 'brain fog' NOT depression,)

Many are healed (including myself.)

Have a look for yourself on the 'THYROID UK' site on here, by going up to the 'Communities' link above on the green bar, I am on several HU sites, (many people I know of on here have overlapping health problems so go on several sites like myself.)

Do a post up of your 'Brain Fog', or even type in 'Brain Fog' in the search bar up at the top right of your screen on Thyroid Uk.

Members on TUK might ask for you to get a blood/s print out and ranges from your Doctor, which is easy to do, members on TUK have great knowledge on bloods, I now ask for our bloods each time.

Hubby and I were found to have low vitamin D and also Low B12 bloods even though our bloods were showing 'within range' and looked OK when they were not.

Check it out yourself and do a spot of 'Googling' Christine.

Brain fog is mostly easy to treat, but don't let a Doctor talk you into depression Pills if you are NOT depressed, as this will make you worse, this is also talked about on TUK.

Good Luck, Christine.

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What a great answer above! Brain fog is so annoying, what were you saying?? Lol x


Interesting. I was beginning to think I had some form of early dementia! I'm already having treatment for underactive thyroid and high blood pressure. My blood shows my thyroid as ok but no one can explain why I can't lose weight however little I eat. Think I'll look into it a bit more now.


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