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Hi guys, I am new to the site but was keen to get some first hand advice. I was diagnosed with RA in August 2012. Have tried Sulpasalazine, MTX oral and am currently taking MTX injections and Hydroxychloroquine. Problem is nothing seems to work. Have been on prednisolone continually and they are the only thing that seem to work but need to come off.

Consultant wants me to start on Cimzia. I work in a primary school with 4-5 yr olds. Thoughts please??

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Cimzia has worked quite well for me. If you have had all the normal childhood diseases and vaccinations I think there is minimal risk of problems due to infection. Chickenpox is a risk if you have not had it.

The flu vaccine and the pneumovax injections are generally recommended if you are on anti-TNFs.

If generally don't get loads of infections from the kids I think you should be okay. I have not noticed any difference in my susceptibility to infection over the last 15 months.

Please discuss your concerns with your consultant.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for your reply-- it makes a,difference to hear from people in the same boat.


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