my way of getting at the tablets

Another potential tip to help with the foil packets for tablets. Desperation to get pain relief drove me to use a finger nail to puncture the foil. Really simple idea, takes a little practice but makes it alot easier to at those tablets we all must take - keep the ideas coming, anything that's helped you cope will probably help someone else too. Px

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  • i just asked my pharmacy for ideas and they now put all my tablets in much easier as i have so many different ones

  • Good idea, I'll try that one. My omeprazole are the worst offenders. I've even split the capsule before as the foil is so thick.

  • I get my daughters open them and put them it bottles for me the codine are the killers and being so tiny not able to pick up


  • Nail file!

  • Good idea I am going to ask my chemist to do it for me thanks

  • Morning all :)

    I work in a pharmacy and if anyone is having any difficulties 'popping' their pills out (some of them are a real challenge!) then we are more then happy to de-blister them into bottles for anyone that asks. Im sure if you politely asked,

    your local pharmacy would be happy to do the same.

    The only issue maybe methotrexate if the original container is a blister pack due to it being a cytotoxic.

    P.s. if you have a couple of different meds then your local pharmacy staff may appreciate it if you called back for your prescription whilst they did it rather then waiting.

  • One of our local pharmacies (not the one I use) sort all your prescription pills out and put them into one of those pill sorters with a compartment for every day and sections for morning, dinner, tea and bedtime, then deliver them to your door. How marvellous is that??

  • I always keep my right thumb nail slightly longer for that very reason! Or have a pair of eyebrow tweezers on my little side table to slit along the edge of the foil. Some much easier than others. Yes, Omeprazole powder has been all over on several occasions too!

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