Hi my doc is now convinced my peripheral nerve symptoms in hands anf feet is due to herniated lumbar disc

However he can't explain sudden rapid onset of feelings after a bereavement which brought on warmth and my observation of feelings of swelling in almost every joint, particularly knees and vastly increased nodules on fingers, all almost over night. I have lost a lot of weight and wake up feeling fluey. Had a cold and cough about time of funeral.He tells me treatment would be the same ( and it does keep the nerves reasonably quiet) neurontin and amytryptoline . My main concern is if it is something inflammatory damage COUKD occur before or even if I got a diagnosis. Husband made redundant yesterday and I retired when this reared its head in March so may not be able to consider private MRI now. Any advice?

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I have something a bit like neuropathy going on but with me the circulation issues (burning, deep heat and icy cold nerve pain) have been tracked down to Raynaud's. Apparently the tingles are due to the Rheumatoid Disease. All autoimmune connective tissue stuff but it has taken 8 months to confirm this. I do still wonder sometimes because I've never had an MRI and I do have lumbar issues so my physio told me and suffer intermitently from terrible stiffness in at the base of my thighs and backside. I don't get much visible swelling but I take a vasodilator drug and that does make my extremities and face go bright red and hot.

If your doctor feels it is inflammatory and relates to herniated lumbar disc then could he not refer you for an MRI on the NHS? Sorry you've had so much stress from bereavement and redundancy - it really doesn't help I know.

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Always sounds as though diagnoses are trial and error unless rheumatoid factor and or large amount of swelling is visible. My doc had forgotten the disc until he had a new X-ray! He's really good but says what good would an MRI be if treatment was the same ie managing the pain. Whenever I'm there it seems futile t suggest it might be something inflammatory that might need another type of treatment. I'm not a shrinking violet but am always persuaded while there. Feel confident he's right then begin to wonder if this tingling in wrists COUKD really be lumbar.Wish I knew more... My palms and soles do go red in tge morning and at night. Weird! My doc is convinced tge tingling not rhematoid as steroids didn't seem to make a quick difference. Trouble is I always fear the worst so everyone is sceptical but doc and husband ish..

Hope you get to grips with lumbar issue Spine consultant told me I'd really need to be in dire straights b4 considering surgery so have tried v hard to stay active Think it really helps if I do. Best of luck and thank you.


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