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The saga continues!


Sorry for posting on here again as no definitive diagnoses of RA but feeling so let down yet again. I saw pain clinic doctor who recommended longterm steroids and a referral to immunologist as he believes my immune system is attacking everything. Had let myself become slightly hopeful that I may get somewhere at long last. But no, saw GP she won't prescribe the steroids because she doesn't want me on them longterm which I completely understand but what am I meant to do now when they are the only thing that takes the debilitating pain away. It don't matter what I do I get given a bit of hope and then they snatch it away again.

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That's rough, not surprised you're frustrated. What about referral to an immunologist - is that going to happen?

Hi Postle thanks for answering, just don't know how much longer I can keep going for I have had enough of all of it. Well she said that it is rheumys that normally deal with that sort of stuff and I told her that he said to stay away from them as they have been no help what so ever and he said immunologist but apparently he wasn't specific in his letter to her just said he believed my immune system was the problem and to be sent to a terchary centre and I reitterated that he told me immunologist so I think she is but she also referring me back to rheumy to see if they will trial me on methotrexate which I can't see happening in the slightest.

My consultant has always resisted giving oral steroids but recognised the only thing that could keep me moving was injections to the joints and general steroid injections inbetween ineffective RA meds and flares. Maybe you might be able to have a general hydrocortisone injection to tide you over until you can hopefully get going on MTX or something else. I have had several incidents in the last couple of years inbetween changing meds where I would have been in bed all the time had it not been for hydrocortisone injections. Good luck and hope you find the med which gets you moving and gives you much needed relief. I know what that madness is like. xx

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