I recently put a post about moving from south east Kent to Cambridgeshire. Have a new GP who has referred me to Addenbrooks Ra Dept

Now feeling anxious as won't see me until July. I'm on monthly infusions of abacept, next due early May. I'm already feeling stiff and swollen with low energy levels. I guess I am just concerned about the delay in continuity of treatment and needed to express this as I know fellow Ra people will understand my anxiety.

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  • Any chance that you can go on the cancellation list but still keep you dedicated appointment?

    Sorry to hear your not too good, hopefully things will die down for you soon as moving is pretty stressful without all the disease. x

  • Thank you Georje. I don't have an actual date in July yet, but I will ask to be put on the list when I know.

  • My daughter transferred to Addenbrookes and managed to be seen fairl quickly. You could try ringing the consultant's secretary and explaining your position. We found them very friendly and helpful in the rheumatology department. They do have dedicated rheumy nurses too. Hope you get to be seen soon....

  • Thank you Susan. Go phoned me yesterday told me cannot give me a definite date for appnt. Hospital will contact me, that I would not get infusion anyway till I had been assessed by Ra consultant whose name I haven't been given.

  • You need to push hard. It sounds as if the Rheumy department have not understood that you are already on a course of treatment. What you have been given is not good enough.

  • Thank you oldtimer, I'm hoping this is the reason. My sppnt for 2nd Jul y has come through. Have tel.nos now. Ra nurses not there yesterday contacting today.

  • When my GP changed me to addenbrooks my appointment came through quite quickly from them, but I have an 8 week wait. I go next week , I also have a funding letter but I have to wait to see if new rhumy agrees with the drug I have been given funding for. Last treatment I had was in march 2013 when I had the six monthly infusions which didn't do anything at all for me. I would cross my fingers for next week if I could as I have heard very positive things about rhumy dept. and I met one of them at a nras meeting.

  • Ozzy, I have been on this particular infusion since October. Given 4 weekly, last one was 2nd April. My understanding from my previous consultant was that I needed to make sure I got continuity of my treatment. Now I have contact numbers,I feel more confident in trying to find out what has gone wrong. Best of luck with your appointment next week. Thank uou got your comments.

  • I have Infliximab infusions and had to return to my old health authority for treatment and blood tests until I was referred to a new consultant, even so my treatment at the new hospital has been delayed and I suppose I just have to tough it out until I get an appointment! xx

  • Ive changed my way of thinking dogrose, rather than getting myself over anxious. More due to move I guess. I know if I had an infection I would not be able to have treatment. Thanks for message.

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