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Advice please ! Employer harassment....

I have RA but recently I have had problems with my back, with vertebrae crumbling, and pressing on the L nerve...I'm in great pain and after a nerve block injection I have had little help...I'm waiting for an appointment with spinal surgeon, but now I'm having problems with my manager, I've been employed for 29 yrs and she's trying to get rid of me due to my RA, without giving me a chance to get better...they made life worse for me as they have failed to comply with an access to work report, which in part caused my back problem...I feel stressed and pressurised...not good with RA...anyone else have experience of pressure of this kind ....

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If you are in a union you should go to them for support, failing that the CAB might be able to help.

I would advise you to keep a written record of anything that happens, with pictures if appropriate.

You shouldn't have to put up with this sort of harassment, on top of RA.

I do hope things improve soon. M x

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This is excellent advice. I've had more subtle experience - at a leading university where I was gradually sidelined and decided on my own to take fairly early retirement.

Is there anyone in your place of work who you can rely on? Just for support. Perhaps someone in the management hierarchy who you can report to? This sort of discrimination is illegal, but nevertheless happens all too easily. It might be worth talking to your GP in case your employer needs a letter to support you.

Hope you get somewhere.

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Hi, yes I had a terrible time from my manager. He withheld me from any duties sayings wasn't capable, then refused to let me cover a course but gave it to the guy who only just started to cover my maternity leave (I was diagnosed when on maternity) it was a horrible time, really got me down when trying to deal

with diagnosis. He also did not comply with access report. My occupational health was great, she would send an e mail asking what they have done to support me and offered to come in and speak with him.

I eventually with advice from CAB wrote an official complaint,

mentioned discrimination, human rights, equality and dignity in the workplace policies supported With some examples of what he had done. I got myself signed of by my GP due to stress caused by situation and decided not to go back until it was resolved. Why put yourself

through all that hassle? It did help that I was paid for this time off.

HR very quickly dealt with situation but I was lucky as my manager at that point was only temporary. He did wish to continue in his post but he was turned down :)

And, just to rant, I saw him the other week getting into the disability lift!! I walked past him to get to the stairs ha ha lazy bugger ;)

My advice, especially if you will get paid would be to see gp, don,t go back until resolved and hope that it does, CAB will keep you right.

Good luck, it,s so unfair! X


Hi, I have just won a case against the nhs , my employers, for failing to make reasonable adjustments. I would suggest you ask for copies of your companies sickness policy. compare the way the have acted to the policy to see if they are following it. Next, get the access to work assessment and based on that and the sick policy compose a letter to your company outlining your grievance and send it recorded delivery so you can prove it if needed. Make sure you keep good records. If you get any bother from them, it is harassment and you are protected. Time then to make it formal with outside advice. Feel free to contact me if i can help more, good luck


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