European Commission Survey on on the value of services in the home to support independent living and care

NRAS are pleased to support this research.

The European Commission—through its unit supporting research and innovation in technologies for ageing and integrated care—is undertaking a short survey. It aims to find out how people who are living with long-lasting illnesses or conditions think that services in the home (like mobile phones, the internet, or personal health monitors) which communicate with the doctor, nurse or other care professional could help enhance independent living and care. The views of patients and carers have been often overlooked in this subject area. This survey is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

• The survey is open to anybody who is living with illnesses or conditions that last many years (or even a lifetime), and to the carers of people living with illnesses or conditions that last many years (or even a lifetime).

• The survey is being conducted online on a specialist survey website, allowing all responses to be completely anonymous and confidential.

• The results of the survey will be made public by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) at a conference in Athens, 12th-14th May 2014.

• All survey participants can have a copy of the results emailed to them, if they wish.


To share your views, please make sure you reply by Wednesday, April 30th 2014.



European Commission survey on how services in the home could help improve the care of illnesses and conditions and enhance independent living

Thank you.


Ilias Iakovidis,

Acting Head of Unit, Digital Social Platforms,

European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT),

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  • I see this post was 2 years ago - it's now April 2016. So what came of the survey, what  were the results and conclusions drawn from them - was anything ever posted here or anywhere. 

    It could be useful/interesting, given so much moves on healthŵise in ever increasing numbers in a short period of time and new members join HU and the various Communities on what must be an almost daily basis now. 

  • I will try and get hold of the researchers to find out if they have yet published their results as we haven't been notified of them yet either.

    Often these huge academic studies take a very long time to complete, analyse and publish but I will certainly make some enquiries on your behalf

  • Hello I've just had this response.

    Dear Clare

    Herewith link

    It was presented at a meeting held by the Greek presidency in Athens

    Kind regards