Thanks to everyone who responded to my Anaemia/cancer worries: I'm delighted to say that after various tests over the past 21 weeks, I have

been declared clear of colo-rectal cancer and now "only" have Anaemia of Chronic Disease due to my RA ! So now it's working out the best treatment for that, as I've proved over-sensitive to 2 different anaemia tablets so far... Also I'm going to give Humira a try in the autumn, now I've got over the horrors of Cimzia and finally feel up to trying something else. So a huge thank you to everyone who took the time and care to reply to me.

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Good luck



Fabulous at least now you can get sorted. You must be relieved xxxxx


Thank goodness, you must be delighted and anxious all at the same time. At least you have a full diagnosis now, and good luck with the new treatment. x


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