Hi everyone. I have an appointment with my RA nurse tomorrow. I've lost about half stone since Nov. not trying to and only on medication a

Month. No side effects from them maybe a little nausea occasionally. Has anyone lost weight at beginning of disease? And does anyone get regular little blisters at base of tongue deff not related to medication. The symptoms of RA and weight loss and ulcer all seemed to start last Nov. is it worth mentioning tomorrow? Thanks.


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  • You need to tell the RA Nurse about this.

    Your mouth blisters are also a contraindication of DMARD medication, you will need to discuss that as well.

    Make a list of questions and the problems you have having.

    The above is very important to tell her

    Keep informed please


  • hello redrooster, for months before i was diagnosed the weight just fell off me. i did loose my appitite a bit. i never weigh myself but i went from size 16/18 down to 10/12. some of the biologicls i have been on put a bit of weight back on me but i have leveled off at a size 12. never had blisters, thank goodness. hope things go well for you.

  • Hi, whenever my RA is very active I tend to drop weight - my rheumy said (for me) it is a sign of active disease and not to worry too much. Yes let them know about the mouth ulcers/blisters and weight loss. Best wishes.

  • Tell your team everything leaving nothing out. There's nothing you've got they haven't come across. Yes, you can lose weight with an active disease - it's well documented and any other symptoms and signs are part of everything happening with your body. Best of luck.

  • I dropped almost two stone in less than 12 mnths

  • Thank you all for your responses. Did mention symptoms to them as you suggested Bob. And it's good to know reading replies that weight loss has been a symptom for others. They've left my meds the same and my das 28 score is 2. So I'm doing quite well after first month of treatment. Have to return in a month and if still stable will be passed over to GP. Please God it may continue as I've noticed that others have remissions and flares. Off to Mexico in a month for a holiday so will now see how new diagnosis affects travel insurance.


  • Hi Dee, the diagnosis of RA should make no difference to travel insurance, if it does change companies. I used Tesco and had no additions applied to my world wide travel

    Have an amazing holiday


  • I lost weight at the beginning too. I think it was at least partly due to muscle wasting. I wasn't exactly Mrs Universe to start with but being less active for a while reduces muscle mass quite quickly & it does weigh more than fat.

  • I have my travel insurance through my bank account. I rang them to inform of new diagnosis. They will continue to cover me for everything except any related RA incidents. Fair enough I suppose. At the moment can't envisage anything other than pain and swelling that might hit me on holiday. And I've heard that the disease is better managed in the heat. Push comes to shove hubby can manage the suitcases.


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