A word of warning - I hope this doesn't offend anyone. xx

A word of warning - I hope this doesn't offend anyone. xx

Cattle Song

We don't have a name - just an ear tag,

as we stand here chewing the cud.

Where once there grew clover and buttercup

is now just a big patch of mud.

We flick our tails to the melody

of a swarm of buzzing black flies

and not one of us bats an eyelid

if another keels over and dies.

For we know where we are headed,

so don't look too close at me mate,

for one day you must search your conscience

as I might end up on your plate.

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  • I'm a veggie so I like this very much ! X

  • Me too

  • Brilliant!

  • No offence taken. I just think you are very talented!

  • We do have a name, the tag is to tell which herd I belong to. When we are in the mud we are queuing up for milking, which we gladly give otherwise it hurts our teats. As to ending up on a plate the life we have lived on this farm in Somerset has been a lovely time, with lush green and warm shielded fields and barns.

    Written by a farmers granddaughter who has seen the best and worse of farming. Best the beauty birth of a calf in the early morning and the worse the baying of the mother when the calf has to leave. We all have a time to live and a time to die, some earlier than others. In the end we are all belong to the food chain, albeit man or animals.

  • I had a horse on a yard was where cows were kept. It was disgusting. I don't think they were considered as living, breathing animals. I try to buy free range at least then they have had a normal life prior to slaughter, we hope. Have you ever considered putting your ditties into book form. They, most of the time, always make me smile. Take care. Sue x

  • This is the kind of farm I was attacking Sue. I was actually talking bullocks (I hope I got that right) and not cows. ;-)

  • Quite right. They buy them from the market, fatten them up and take them back to sell. I was told I could not have a stable back on the yard after I'm sorted because I'm a 'stirrer'. I have a tendency to speak my mind ,to my detriment. Oh well worse things in life. Take care :-)


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