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Elbows bent, can't straighten them,

hands are throbbing, feel the pain.

Knees are stiff and ankles ache,

hips won't move, trapped nerves again!

RA is gnawing through my joints

the meds they gave me just don't touch.

It feels like someone's driving nails

and every movement hurts so much.

If only I could rant and rave

but energy - I have none left.

My Sjogren's makes my mouth so dry

and dry eyes ache, they need to rest.

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Oh my goodness, that poem (and picture) could be me a week or so ago! Sounds like you're going through a rough patch Poems. xxx

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I could hardly raise my right arm this morning Creaky, my shoulder was agony, but it seems to be easing off now. xx


This just about sums up how I feel today, aching all over and so tired. Had a good cry this afternoon and feeling a bit better for it. Hope the warm weather hurries up and just maybe give us some relief.


Oh yes, I recognise this state so well! Hope that you are soon on the mend:-}

Cece x


Yep you've totally captured our agony.....luckily I'm in a fairly good place at the mo (fantastic Mr SteroidJab!!), but the memory of past flares came rushing back. Hope it has eased off a bit for you now Poems. Xx

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