Is it odd to have a flare on one side only? and anyone had there jaws joints 'rinsed out'


in my very early days before diagnosis this would happen, almost like tendonitis which would last for a day then go away.

for the first time in 2 years I have had visible swelling on one hand and the tendons were agony, but next day all was fine again! saying that I do feel my body is thinking of flaring! (on both sides :) )

and, my clicky jaw is now a constant, even a smile or cuddling my children will cause a crunch, it has been suggested by orthodontist that I get admitted into hospital, sounded like they rinse joint with an antiseptic fluid??

thank you x

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  • Hello e had this treatment

    Cannot understand what treatment they want do do in hospital as an in patient

    When I go to the dentist I am unable to open the jaw fully, also I had a bad time when a kid, they now Sedate me for dental work as it is easier to open my jaw when relaxed. I have had this type of treatment now for near on thirty years.

    My dentist does the check up then arranges the appointment. Going in for an extraction soon I will be in hospital for about 4 hours


  • Thanks Bob, sorry, in my head it makes sense then I expect everyone to read my mind :) I have some damage to my jaw joints due to RA and it constantly click, crunches, stick and is painful. It was suggested that there is a treatment involving cleaning joint which can be successful.

    But, now you mention it, sedation is probably a good idea as I have to get a crown done soon, I hate going for dental treatment more than anything! I did have sedation in the past which helped but a new dentist has been able to help me overcome anxiety.

    4 hours for an extraction!! haha it is the tooth there extracting isn't it? :)

  • Hello AKAAwiliby

    Hope so cannot remember a thing until next morning, they could chop head off and fit a button on, for all I would care afterwards


  • Ha ha bob, good luck!

  • I used to have a travelling flare. It might start in my right wrist, then disappear and turn up in my left ankle. Then an elbow, etc. It was just like tendonitis, and it would never settle. This RA would be really funny if it didn't hurt so much!

    My Sjogrens specialist describes the inflammation as being like a shoal of fish, swimming around and turning up randomly anywhere.

    It always coincides with feeling really sleepy, too. And RA often stiffens my jaw joint so I can't "open wide" for the dentist sometimes.

  • Hi Pheobe, travelling flare describe it exactly! thank you. i'll mention that description on my next rheumy clinic.

    Can you have these travelling flares that feel more like tendonitis and not so much pain and stiffness of RA?

  • Yes, tendonitis, or sometimes like broken bones!

  • Travelling flare....what a brilliant description! Fits it exactly. Although most of the time I'm good, I do still go though weeks where it's always a bit of "excitement" when I wake up to see where the flare has travelled to that day. And hope that it's decided to go to a joint that I don't really need to use too much that day. Polly

  • Hi Polly, haha yes, I thought that the following morning, it left my wrist/hand and landed in my pinky :)

  • Willing. , there u are. , I have been waiting on u posting ! Message me for chats and catch up! But no idling it might click your jaw x

  • Hello allanah! I have been quiet but that's a good sign surely :) I will message you, give me a day or so, have a big assessment at work tomorrow and pee,ing my pants at the moment hehe xxx

  • My best advice..... Don't do that during the assessment lol

  • haha now that would be impressive :) passed with flying colours apparently and thankfully my flaring settled. I'm sooo happy!!! xx

  • Really pleased for yo!

  • Oooooh yeeeaaaahhh!

  • Hello akawiliby, I had my jaw flushed out about 4 years ago - it had started clicking then dislocating. The minor op to flush it out was a huge success - it stopped the clicking etc but also got rid of the pain!

    Wish I could say the same of wrist - in hospital now having had a wrist replacement yesterday, this is going to be fun as it's my much needed right hand :(

    Good luck with the jaw.

  • Thanks for your reply cornflake! oh crikey, a wrist replacement! poor you, I hope your not in too much pain? I have never heard of a wrist replacement before, have heard of wrists being pinned though. I am so very lucky as my RA was brought under control quickly and my jaw has the only sign of damage.

    Can I ask what the procedure for the jaw flush was? were you under a general or local anasetic? (sorry I know that's spelt wrong but after busy day I can't think!) and were you in pain after? stiches?

    and lastly and most importantly, how are you feeling today after op?

  • Hi - I had the jaw flush under general, very short procedure. Felt a little bruised afterwards and 1 very dainty stitch! No scar. Thanks for asking about the wrist replacement - it is indeed rare, only the 2nd one in the uk that my surgeon was aware of. However, my left wrist is already fused and I did t want to have the right one fused and therefore without movement. It's very sore at the moment but it was a big op I guess! On a lighter note, I am also lucky as the damage from this stupid disease is restricted to my wrists - so I am still able do my running ( love my 10k's) and hill walking and still work full time. Good luck with the jaw!

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