What is your favourite type of biscuit?

What is your favourite type of biscuit?


Eeeny meeny macaracca,

Malted Milk or cheesy cracker?

Its Garibaldis for Uncle Roger,

but Aunty Sue likes Jammy Dodgers.

Granddad's in his garden hut,

nibbling on a Ginger Nut,

while Gran prefers a nice Rich Tea

she sometimes shares a pack with me.

Jaffa cakes are Jane's delight,

she even eats them in the night!

Chocolate Chip, just try a taste

not one crumb will go to waste.

Wagon Wheels, Toffee Pops,

Cousin Joe thinks they're the tops.

For me, before I go to bed,

some Ovaltine and sweet Shortbread -


9 Replies

  • Lemon puffs for me please lovely xx

  • jaffa cakes I dont buy as I hide them so I can eat the lot and once opened goodbye bics

    shortbread is top of my list but when in France I stock up with palets Bretons my family hide them from me and ration them as I would eat the lot in 1 sitting

  • Hovis Digestives for me - anything with chocolate on I might as well stick straight on my hips 'cos that's where it goes! x

  • Choccie biccies dunked in black coffee.

    For me.

  • Ginger nuts are my favourites. I've got two grandchildren with me...Robert likes kit kat and Mia likes ginger like me.

  • Ooh malted milk with a dunk and a dip in a cup of tea...morning noon and night :-)

  • All of them!!

  • Plain biscuits! Plain digestives or oatcakes for me! X

  • Shortbread, oat cakes, tunocks caramel wafers, custard creams, chocolate digestives .......oh just give me !!! Any one will do x

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