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Battling it out for a bit long on cimzia, any ideas to help the side effects?

I wrote a few days ago about my ambivalence about staying on cimzia. After a long chat with my rheum, we've agreed I will stay on a bit longer and review in another couple of months. She's reduced my injected MTX (from 20mg to 15mg) which she hopes will ease some symptoms. I'm staying on leflunomide too.

I have a prescription for a higher dose of anti-sickness tabs too (cyclizine). Any ideas on how to combat the headaches and sickness plese? I really can't tolerate peppermint tea, never have. Do you reckon ginger capsules will be any good?


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Ginger tea works for me( cut up ginger in hot water) with the nausea but I have read that the capsules are good too. Also cammomile tea is quite good. Hope it eases off soon for you!


Hello BOB here

Try crystallised ginger may be good, mind can be hot. Good for tummy though.

The headaches from the MTX sometimes it is from the RA or pain medications

All the best



Hiya, so sorry to hear you are still in two minds about Cimzia, I didn't really get many side effects with it....just didn't work so have now given up with it!

Hope you feel better from the nausea very soon.

Take care xx


Thank you for the replies. I've been on MTX for 3.5 years and on this dose (20mg injected) for over 2 years, so I'd be very surprised if it's that. Rheum feels it may be the combination.

Been up all night being sick again, despite anti-sickness but have an important meeting at work. :( Feel miserable but trying to be positive.


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