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pain in ribs?

hi all hope everyone is well. just a quick one have been having some pain in rib area i.e when I breathe, its not there all the time it comes and goes but when it comes it bloody hurts! last time I had something like this they whisked my off to hospital the nurse thought I had a blood clot. after 6 hours in a+ e I was told they didn't no what was going on and it would probably pass, which it did. im just curious is this something else that could be linked to ra. love michelle :) x

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Hello BOB here

The rib cage can be effected in the same way as any where else in the body, the ribcage is very flexable and needs to be able too move in time with the lungs, that is why it has its own joints and associate muscles and tendons etc

If you have a cold and you cough a lot your lungs and rib cage will become sore, the same applies if any other stress occurs between your back and rib cage, This can also effect the sternum, this sometimes happens if you suffer a flare on attached joints as the rib cage has joints in its own right. as was mentioned earlier the rib cage needs to be able too move so associated muscle, tendons can be effected also. This can be a problem especially in small joint Arthritis say in Psoriatic Arthritis. Further information regarding this can be found on NHS CHOICES web page

Hope this explains

All the best

e found


thanks bob will take a look hope your well michelle x


Hi Chemar I have pain in my ribs also and when I asked my rheumy about it she said yes its RA, it can affect the ribs as well.

Wendy x


People with RA and fibro do seem to get this quite a bit - sadly. Usually it's due to inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs together, called Costochondritis. But may be best to get yourself checked out by a GP as chest pain can be all sorts of things, and might be something else that is more serious. Hope it goes away quickly tho' and you feel better soon. Polly



I get pain in my ribs, sternum and chest wall, it is especially bad during a flare it is difficult to take a deep breath or lie down. My rheumy confirmed it is the dreaded ra it has to get everywhere. I do find it does ease up in comparison to the other joints. Hope it goes soon and you feel a bit better.

Gentle hugs



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