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The Rheumy

The Rheumy

The Rheumy

Now they're dancing The Rheumy.

Serious faces – not gloomy.

Off stage he wobbles and hobbles.

On stage hides his pain it's not seen,

They glide 'cross the floor like a


The pain in his joints is intense.

He hides it – concentration immense.

They dance oh so close – so entwined

The same thing's on everyone's mind.

“They must be more than just friends.”

Into each other's eyes they gaze.

“A-mazing!” from Craig.“Bravissimo!” Bruno says.

“So sexy, so hot, so much passion.”

Len smiles and says “It's smashin'!”

Darcy smiles, “Brill! Totes Amaze!”


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Nice going, Sandra, felt like I was right there..Isn't it interesting, how our couples are getting so chummy and involved? Like we are still imagining we are there, with...... :)


Ahhhhh....Sandra, such intense feelings, I cired, I laughed, I love it!!! xxx


Well done, I loved it, so moving, it's going to be so hard this week x


Ah. My top dancers from last week. Battling the odds, and a dodgy computer to arrive on time...And WHAT AN ENTRANCE! Once more you have taken the floor by storm and the audience by the b.... Er neck :-) so bravissimo from Bruno.


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