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Hi all.How does polymyalgia rheumatica differ or similar to rheumatoid arthritis

Hope everyone is keeping the fighting spirit alive.We are strong and we will endure.It really feels good to know am not alone and that everything am feeling is real.many people tend to think we are imagining all the challenges we face.

It feels good to know no matter how bad one feels at a particular time it gets better with time.

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I think RA is primarily a disease of the joints whereas polymyalgia is of the muscles. That is a HUGE oversimplification. Why do you ask?


Also it can take some time but people do recover from PMR - my Dad had it for about 8 months.

Cece x


Bob Here

This is generally effects the muscles, thigh, arm and shoulder, it generally surfaces in patients of 50 or or more

Generally it follows after a cold like illness and can cause pain like you have been exercising. The indications are similar to what we suffer now.

You havng problems??



I was first diagonosed with PMR and was treated with steroids. The consultant gave me high dose until the pain stopped. Then slowly decreased them but could'nt get lower than 12mg. With this i was told it was'nt PMR . It ended up being PsA and am now getting the right treatment for that. So i would agree with a previous comment.



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